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Rug Cleaning


How to clean your rugs? Here is the Rug Cleaning Guide and this guide is provided by the professional rug cleaning company in Sydney.

This Rug Cleaning Guide can be applied to shag rug, Persian rug, wool rug, hallway runner, area rug, jute rug, sheepskin rug, silk rug, oriental rug, shag pile rug, polyester rug, viscose rug, outdoor rug, kids rug, modern rugs, round rugs and many more.

Rug Cleaning Complete Guide


The following provides basic guidelines for you to follow to help maintain your rugs.

Frequent thorough vacuuming.

Prompt clean-up of spills.

Periodic professional care and cleaning.

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The most important thing you can do to keep your carpet looking great is to vacuum it thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high traffic areas. Use walk-off mats at entrances as well to minimize dirt particles being tracked onto the carpet and reduce soil accumulation.

Vacuuming helps remove dirt particles which dull the carpet’s appearance. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner with beater bars and good suction. Change bags and filters routinely, and keep recovery tanks clean. Good vacuuming is vital for prolonging the life of your carpeting.


Cleaning Requirements

Vacuum thoroughly.

Professional cleaning methods, we recommend HOST DRY CLEANING METHOD.

Regardless of the method, immediate maximum residue removal is critical.

If solvents or pre-spotters are needed, first do general cleaning and then, if necessary, spot clean.

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Professional Rug Cleaning Guide

We will clean your rug according to the rug manufacturer’s specifications. This specified cleaning is required to keep your warranties intact. Hot water extraction is the method required by manufacturers of residential rugs.

Whether you choose a carpet for its quality, durability, or beauty, you can maintain its long-lasting looks by keeping in mind the following rules :

* Vacuum regularly (once or twice a week).

* Remove spots and stains immediately.

* For residential use, you can hire once every two years a special vacuum cleaner for a professionally cleaning of the carpet.

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