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Home Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas – creating a warm home, with very little money

Do the rooms in your home seem boring? Need some home decorating ideas! On this page you’ll discover how to make little (or big) changes that can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

You’ll be provided with the right guidelines for selecting and purchasing accessories, furniture, rugs etc to help you create the home of your dreams. Many of these ideas are very inexpensive to accomplish; it just takes some time and attention to pull it all together.

You’ll learn to create a true sense of style and comfort with the free interior design ideas for your home with the right lighting, curtains & blinds, wall coverings, slipcovers, flooring, window treatments and more.

Home Decorating Ideas

Why do you need Home Decorating Ideas?

Warm… Comfortable… Cozy… Inviting…  Are any of these the words that come to mind when you think about Home Decorating?

For just a moment imagine a picture in your mind: You’ve just arrived home from a long exhausting work day, or you’ve been driving the kids (and maybe a few friends) around from one activity to another. Feeling tired yet?  

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Do you really need someone to say how to decor your house? 

Now, you walk through the door and sometime later you realize that even though you maybe still be tired from the day you feel relaxed and a little stress free. How could that be?

The answer is what is surrounding you, it’s your Home. You’re surrounded by loved ones and things that have special meaning to you. Which gives you a comfortable feeling.

Think you need a professional to make that picture a reality? If you happen to be someone who has the time and endless finances than by all means go for it. However, if you happen to be like a lot of us that’s not an option.

A more reasonable alternative is to do the decorating yourself. Now I know you are probably thinking “Oh sure” but, as a certain designer on TV says “Yes You Can”.

Home Decorating Ideas that only you can do


There is no one in this world who knows what you like more than you do. It’s fine to look through magazines and watch design shows, it fact it’s a great place to come up with new ideas. But remember, just because a professional designer says something should be done a certain way that does not mean it’s written in stone. After all, when all is said and done it always comes back to it being your home and it should be what makes you happy.

So go ahead, take the plunge, try your hand at home decorating. Think how proud you’ll feel when friends and family comment not only on how great everything looks but that they really feel comfortable in your home. Then you smile and respond by saying “Thanks, I decorated it myself”.

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Ideas lead to Inspiration and Creativity. Add in some love and a lot of your personality and you’ve got what it takes to make a house into a home.

  • Adding Accessories To Your Home Decor – Candles, Plants, Art and Collectibles. It’s all the little personal touches that bring a room to life.
  • Decorating The Bath – Large or small, full or half no matter the size turn your bathrooms into an inviting place to spend time.
  • Kitchen Accessorizing & Styles – From Country to Traditional – Dinnerware to Light Switches. Make the heart of your home a welcoming place.
  • Window Treatments – With the vast assortment of styles, colours and fabrics available today the combination of looks can be endless.
  • Wall Treatments – Kick your rooms personality up a notch with Paint, Wallpaper or Stencilling. Use alone or in combination for a unique look.
  • Shed Some Light On Your Home – General Lighting, Task Lighting, Accent Lighting. Find out which type of lighting is right for your needs.
  • Updating Your Furniture – If replacing isn’t in the budget try rejuvenating your existing furniture for a whole new look.
  • Budget Headboards – So you’re in the mood to decorate your bedroom, but you’re on a limited budget… AND you don’t have a headboard.
  • Five Simple Home Decorating Changes – Home decorating, ever wanted to try it, but hesitated because of time constraints or budget concerns.
  • Make A Dramatic Home Improvement With A Small Budget – Do some of your light fixtures look like they are fugitives from another era, and are certain rooms in your home better looking with the lights off? If so, it’s time to do something about it.
  • Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Home Improvement – A fresh year, a fresh start … a fresh look for your home? As we all try to eat better, watch less TV, and break all our bad habits, why not also resolve to do something you’ve been putting off – Home improvement Projects.


What about buying cheap rugs online which will add colours in your home? My goal here is to help you start the thought process so you can tackle your decorating project yourself.

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